Urī is our promise. It is our commitment made to the lives of our makers, the sustenance of craft and livelihoods, and a responsibility towards a thoughtful garment. Designed around conscious choices, this prêt line is tinged with the ethos of zero waste production, biodegradability and ethical employment. 

With our soft, rested hues and deeper colours, a pattern so effortless, light but at the same time a statement in itself is rooted in our core. Emphasising on a ‘benefit-for-all’ nature of this project, with our faith vested in our hand craftspeople, weavers and embroiderers—we wish to provide more employment as well as uplift our already existing employees. Our vision is to make an art piece for your wardrobe that builds many lives. 

With this prêt line, we seek to bring comfort in every cloth adorned. Our products are handmade giving it a personal story—a precious human touch whose irregularities are its perfections. In a world of shifting paradigms and neglected lives, a promise is made to provide. There is a culture of belongingness, with a place for everyone. 

The prêt collection is designed by thinking about muses of all ages—a mother, a grandmother and a grandchild can all feel the same by resting the numbers that define their style. Timeless garments never age. 

The campaign “ageless” allows you to reclaim your space, advocate your identity by not letting the length of life lived dictate your clothing choices. With a focus on the fabric, touch and comfort, Urī by MRUNALINI RAO brings to you—clothes with blurred boundaries of age.